08 Oct 2010:

PHP SDK v2.1.2 was released in Sep and it is being updated 2 days ago.

It can be downloaded from the official site. However, please note that the main package available for downloaded is still the original v2.1.2. To get the update, you have to download the file manually.

The update for this release is "Add support for using the bundled CA chain when the default one isn't found".

FYI, there are hosting that when building SSL connection with Facebook's server using curl, "CURL Error 60: SSL certificate problem, verify that the CA cert is OK." is returned. This is usually the case for Windows machines where they don't have the Certificate Authority file in the path. As a result, when SSL is checked they can't verify the certificate issuer. While we may not be able to update the web hosting server environment, what we have to do is to specify a local one. And this is what this update will do.

The differences between original v2.1.2 (on the left) and the "updated v2.1.2" (on the right) are listed below:

I have upgraded "Our 1st FB App (PHP SDK)" to use the updated PHP SDK and, as expected, everything is running fine.




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