With the release of the new API (i.e. the Graph API), how long will the Old REST API continue to work?





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There has not been any plan or documentation from Facebook saying that the Old REST API will be deprecated in the near future.

This is what we can see in Facebook documentation (noticed that the following extract had been removed from Facebook's page already),

We are currently in the process upgrading our core server API from the old REST API to the more modern Graph API. However, most of the methods required for canvas applications to integrate with Facebook have not yet been upgraded to the new API. For the time being, we recommend you continue using the old REST API in canvas apps instead of the new APIs for the sake of completeness.

Well, the above statements are definitely not to-be-updated (and probably this is why it was removed) as I see no point why we should not use the Graph API when developing new applications. Having said that, my point is that there are still functions that are available in the Old REST API but do not have their counterparts in the Graph API and Facebook knows that. Besides, the new SDKs (such as the PHP SDK and the JavaScript SDKs) released support calling both the Old REST API and the Graph API. So, we probably won't see Facebook will discontinue the support on the Old REST API.

Most of all, Facebook had mentioned that the Old REST API will continue to work.

Graph API - The new Graph API is replacing the old REST API as our primary server-side API. Despite our focus on this new API, the REST API will continue to work. Furthermore, all the work we are doing to improve the performance and stability of the Graph API will benefit the REST API equally: both are built on the same foundation and infrastructure.



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