I have added the "Photos" application to my application profile. I can create albums and manfully upload photos there. How can I upload photos to the albums via the Graph API?





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At this moment, I have tried and found no ways to do this via the Graph API.

What I have tested is:

  • I have coded that can upload photos to albums created inside the user profile by posting the photo to "/user_album_id/photos" via the Graph API.

  • I have the id of the album in the application profile (called this 'application_ablum_id'). I am sure that this is correct as I can query the photos details the blum via posting a GET request to "/application_album_id/photos".

  • I replace the user_album_id by the application_ablum_id. However, when I tried to execute the code to upload the photos, "(#120) Invalid album id" error is returned.

This has been reported in Facebook Developer's Bugzilla already (




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