I have encountered error in running the tutorial XXXX. Can you help me?




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Well, I have followed the tutorials myself once after they are completed to make sure it works. However, there may be points that I have missed out (e.g. assumption on the "default" development environment) and that can them not working in your environment.

So far, I have been receiving emails telling me that the tutorials has helped them a lot and are working samples. On the other hand, I have also received emails seeking help and reporting that they encountered errors, blank page etc in following my tutorials.

For the reported cases so far, while working with the one who reported the problem, it is found that their problems are simply caused by doing things that are not mentioned yet in the tutorials. For example, someone may see that there is a tutorial on "publishing post to a user's wall". So, they copy-and-paste the code to their own "pages". However, they are not aware of the fact that they need to request for extended permission before the publishing cannot be done successfully.

So, just in case you have encountered, my suggestion would be:

  • Try doing what is being told in the tutorial first.
  • If problem still persists, make sure you have read and followed the previous tutorial in the series.
  • If problem still persists, send me an email. In the email, please kindly include information on the error that you have encountered, and in which tutorial the error happens.

Of course, there can be problems in the tutorials themselves. In such a cases, please kindly let me know.


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