While Facebook is moving away from FBML canvas app, I am migrating my application as an iFrame canvas app. Most of the migration is done (i.e. most of the pages of my application can be ran properly as an iframe canvas app). However, there is a page that I don't know how to migrate it.

So, if I change my application type to "iframe" in Facebook's application settings page, is there a way for me to run that particular app page as a FBML page?





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If you want to have a particular page of your iFrame canvas application to be rendered by using FBML, you can use the "fb_force_mode" query string parameter.

For example, if the link to your "FBML page" is, then make it as


Similarly, if you have a FBML app but want a particular page to be render as "iFrame canvas page", make the href as



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