Can I use standard HTML tags in a FBML canvas application?




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The answer is "yes.... at least for most of them".

There are people 'misunderstand' that they cannot use HTML anymore in FBML canvas application. Such a misunderstanding is probably caused by the poor documentation.

First of all, if we refer to the old documentation in Facebook Developers Wiki, we will see that

FBML is an evolved subset of HTML with some elements removed, and others which have been added that are specific to Facebook.
(original from which is now a deal link as facebook wiki is closed)

Now, we are a little clear on FBML. FBML can be regarded as Facebook's implementation of HTML. The "elements added that are specific to Facebook" are the FBML tags listed in the FBML reference document which is probably the most popular FBML document nowadays. However, it does not list down "what HTML elements are removed".

To get the list of supported HTML tags in FBML, we again need to refer to the old document in Facebook Developer Wiki ( As an end user, using these evolved "HTML tags" in FBML canvas application are almost the same as writing ordinary HTML pages (unless you try to manipulate the page via using "JavaScript").
(Note: the facebook wiki is closed... in case you know where we can get the list of supproted HTML tags in FBML, please let me know.)

Talking about JavaScript, it should be noted that for security reasons, using JavaScript in FBML canvas application is prohibited. Having said that, Facebook has implemented FBJS FBJS is Facebook's solution for developers who want to use JavaScript in their Facebook applications. As for using the "HTML tags" in FBML, FBJS's syntax is very similar to that of JavaScript.... but FBJS does differs from JavaScript and using FBJS is another big topic.

I hope you have a better understanding on FBML now.



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