I have come across 3 terms related to FMBL, namely "FBML", "XFBML" and "Static FBML". What are they? And how do they relate to each other?





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Let's see Facebook's description on FBML,

Facebook Markup Language (FBML) enables you to build full Facebook Platform applications that deeply integrate into a user's Facebook experience. You can hook into several Facebook integration points, including the profile, profile actions, Facebook canvas, News Feed and Mini-Feed.

FBML is an evolved subset of HTML with some elements removed, and others which have been added that are specific to Facebook.
(original from which is a dead link now as facebook wiki is closed)

And for XFBML,

Facebook uses XFBML as a way for you to incorporate FBML (Facebook Markup Language, an extension to HTML) into an HTML page on a Facebook Connect site or an iframe application.
(original from which is a dead link now as facebook wiki is closed)

For Static FBML, you won't find any official documentation on it in Facebook. I think this is because of the fact that Static FBML is not part of the Facebook development platform. Instead,

  • Static FBML is a Facebook Platform application developed by the Facebook engineers to allow Fan Page administrators to add advanced functionality to their Fan Pages using HTML and FBML. The application adds a box to your Fan Page in which you can render HTML or FBML for enhanced Page customization. Mock AJAX and FBJS can also be used.



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