By query the "/me/groups" connection for the current user via the Graph API, I can get a list of groups that the user is a member of. However, I want to get the list of groups that the user created (i.e. he owns the groups). Can this be done?




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To get the required list,

  • First query the "me/groups" connection with the field "owner" included, i.e. querying "/me/groups?fields=owner".

    Graph API will return you with something like:
'data' ...
   '0' ...
     'owner' ...
         'name' => "Chun Yi Aaliyah Lee"
         'id' => "100000118916068"
     'id' => "133243716700346"
   '1' ...
     'owner' ...
          'name' => "Eddy Chan"
          'id' => "100000704282029"
     'id' => "132104783469314" 
  • Then for each of group returned, compare the owner id with the user id of the current user.



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