I am current integrating Facebook on my website by using Facebook Connect. With the released of the Graph API and the new SDKs, is it true that Facebook will discontinue the support of Facebook Support?





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I don't think so. We will not be seeing the term "Facebook Connect" being promoted by Facebook anymore, but still it would be supported (at least in the near future).

Below is what Facebook stated about the "Facebook Connect" branding,

Facebook Connect was our initiative to help developers integrate Facebook Platform beyond Given that the underlying technologies are the same whether you are building applications, websites or devices, we’re transitioning away from the Facebook Connect brand to reflect that there is one platform behind any integration with Facebook. This change has no impact for developers using Connect; everything is still part of Facebook Platform. You can optionally use the "Login with Facebook" button or our new button with faces, which have seen higher conversion rates. Learn more about integrating Facebook on your website which includes many components we promoted as Facebook Connect.


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