I am new to facebook development. I have tried to follow some of the online guides or document to register an application. However, some of the fields that I should fill in cannot be found anymore. For example, I cannot find where to input the "canvas callback url".

So, how should I fill in the blanks?





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First of all, please note that Facebook had recently changed the layout and field names of the application registration page.

How to fill in the blanks will depend on what type of "application" you want to register.

If you are planning to integrate Facebook to your website, then in the "Web Site" page,

  • fill in the "Site URL". For example,
    This field is previously named as "Connect URL".

If you are planning to develop a canvas application, then in the "Facebook Integration" page,

  • Fill in "Canvas Page".
    This "canvas page" is formerly named as "Canvas Page URL".

  • Fill in "Canvas URL".
    This "canvas URL" is formerly named as "Canvas Callback URL".

  • Depending on whether you are going to use FBML or IFrame, select the proper "Canvas Type".
    This is previously known as the "Render Method".


For additional information on the above fields, you can refer to the FAQ - What are the Canvas Callback URL, Connect URL, Canvas Page URL for?



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