How Facebook counts the "Active Users" of my app? My application is having 2 active users only ... thought 10 of my friends had already using it (with permission granted).





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First of all, please note that the figures are not a real time updated. It takes time for Facebook to update. At this moment, I really cannot tell how frequently the figures will get updated. Sometimes, it gets updated daily... but sometimes, it gets updated once every 3 or 4 days.

Talking about what is an "active user", this is what Facebook says:

A user is active when they view or engage with your application or your application's content. The "Key Sources" displayed on the Insights Dashboard indicate how many users are considered active for each activity source. Activity sources for applications include:

- Users that visit your application's canvas page
- Users that view your application tab on a Page
- Users that published to news feed (stream) through your application
- Users that "Liked" a stream story form your applications
- Users that commented on a stream story from your application



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