There are so many XXXXX URL in the application settings.... I am really confused!





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The description of these URLs had been put down in the application settings page, next to where you set them.

I try to explain them in my own words.

  • Canvas Page
    If you are developing an application on facebook, other users will be accessing it while they are using Facebook. To present this as part of the user's Facebook experience, they will be using URL like This is the "Canvas Page".

  • Canvas URL
    As stated above, users will access your application via visiting the Canvas Page. However, Facebook still rely on you to provide the actual content. So, when the user access the canvas page, Facebook will then access the "Canvas URL", fetching the page content from your application and embedding it inside their standard Facebook page. This is why you see the Facebook header at the top of the page, the ad columns on the right etc.
    So Canvas URL should be pointing to a path under your own domain, e.g.

  • Site URL
    If you are integrating Facebook to your website or web application, you still need to tell Facebook where is your site / web application, this is the Site URL.



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